Building your first game in python

This workshop is designed for folks who want to learn how to program with no experience. There is no setup or installation required. All the code is written into your web browser. The workshop is broken up into twelve chapters.

1. Introduction

This introduction shows what we are going to build and what tools you will need to proceed.

2. Your first python object

This video explains what an object (also known as a class) is and why they should be used. In this workshop, there will be several objects used. As they are built, you should get the hang of what they mean.

3. Drawing things

This chapter explains how things get drawn on the screen. We also discuss methods a bit more and create a few methods for our game object.

4. Drawing the background

In this chapter, we actually draw something into our game. The background never changes in this game and is simply an image that we insert into our game frame. Understanding the x-y coordinate system is a pre-requisite for most game programming.